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The benefits of spas and saunas have has long been known by most civilizations for centuries.

“Clear Pools 4 You – Pool and Spa Maintenance” offers the latest in spas and saunas for your home. You may also count on us for maintenance service packages for your spa or pool, as well as parts and supplies. We guarantee the quality of our products and services.

We offer other services like service pool 91602 such as:

* Pool Repair
* Pool cleaning
* Pool Maintenance
* Leak Detection
* Acid washes and Stain Control
* Pool Renovation
* Pool Resurfacing
* Full and Partial Pool Services

We offer complete pool and spa services. From routine maintenance and cleaning to complete design and construction of the pool of your dreams.

Our technicians are on call and eager to help solve any pool and spa related problems. Our experienced expert technical assistants are ready to take your service call 24/7.

A swimming pool or spa includes high-end feeling to your home. It is a good idea to prepare for these to be cleaned and properly preserved regularly to make specific that chemical levels are precise and pumps and also other installations are remove and also functioning well. We are available to aid as much as you desire.
You may choose the service that best fits your needs. Whether it be cleaning and testing chemicals on a weekly basis or annual deep cleaning or, simply calling us to fix any problems. When you need help, we will analyze the situation and fix any mechanical, plumbing and electrical problems. You may also hire use to clean and repair the surrounding area.

We can help with service pool 91602

Our advantages of service pool 91602 are:

* Experience and Expertise in pools and spas complete program
* Quality in work and service
* Reliability

“Clear Pools 4 You – Pool and Spa Maintenance” stocks the complete line of parts, accessories and chemicals for the spas and saunas. We are also able to order any specialty products.

If you are wanting an in-home spa or sauna installation or pool or spa services, the team at “Clear Pools 4 You – Pool and Spa Maintenance” is ready to help you out.

Contact us for more information at (818) 650-3004.

“Clear Pools 4 You – Pool and Spa Maintenance” have been providing professional swimming pool care for many years.

We are known for our know-how, experience and also premium service. We are experts in all aspects of swimming pools and also spas and also we could aid you.

Helpful tips for service pool 91602:

Thoroughly cleaning your pool on a weekly basis during the swimming period typically during spring, summer and fall will guarantee tidy and also safe swimming water.

Skim Off Leaves and other Debris
Use a long-handled leaf skimmer to take leaves, bugs, and other debris floating on the surface of the pool. Try to get rid of particles prior to it sinks to the bottom of your pool where it ends up being challenging to eliminate and also could develop stains.

Brush Sides of Pool thoroughly
Utilize a brush to get rid of dust that has gathered on the sides and bottom of your pool. Brush sediment toward the main drainpipe so it can be conveniently vacuumed.

Vacuum- Pool skimmer
Submerge your vacuum cleaner head and hose pipe, prior to connecting the vacuum to the filter.

Tidy Skimmer( s).
You should additionally clean out your skimmer( s) weekly or more frequently if necessary. Removing debris enables the skimmer to run at maximum efficiency.

Examine Water pool circulation.
Your pool’s circulation system includes the skimmer, pump, pump strainer, drains, as well as filter. The system assists chemicals work effectively and also makes sure that water is effectively filteringed system. Run your pump long enough every day to make sure the water is correctly filtered and maintain each product clean as well as in excellent problem.

Examine Filter.
The three most preferred types of filters – sand, cartridge, and vertical grid DE – screen out debris as well as bits from your pool water. You need to clean and keep your filter inning accordance with the maker’s instructions.

Examine your pool water regularly (everyday or weekly depending on usage) as well as add chemicals if required, following makers’ instructions. A normal shock treatment cleans the water of algae, bacteria, dirt, and also any other raw material that may have gotten in the pool. Follow supplier’s instructions for shock treatments.

Your pool’s pool circulation system consists of the skimmer, pump, pump strainer, drains pipes, and filter. Run your pump long enough each day to make sure the water is appropriately filtered as well as keep each thing tidy and also in excellent problem.

Check your pool water regularly (day-to-day or regular depending on use) and add chemicals if required, complying with producers’ directions. A routine shock treatment cleans the water of algae, microorganisms, dirt, as well as any various other natural matter that might have gone into the pool.

We have licensed, bonded and insured service technicians. All of our people are very proud of their service and do their best to make certain you are satisfied.

Each of our employees undergoes a complete background check. We only employ professional, trained and responsible people to provide top notch service for you, using the latest in technology and the best chemicals. We can help you with service pool 91602

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We take great pride in our many years of exceptional service on both in ground swimming pools and spas. We are very detail oriented and make certain to provide you with the best care.

Pool Cleaning

Pool Maintenance

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